1. A relaxing afternoon with Stephen King? Don’t mind if I do……


  2. ooobop’s top 40 tips on how to be an awesome sewist

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    It is NOT okay to be obese.

    Before anyone rages at me, let me explain.

    I understand that not everyone is going to be ideally thin, it is okay to be a bit above weight, there is nothing wrong with that. But when it comes to the point where it is legitimately obesity, it is not okay. The idea here on tumblr is that all shapes and sizes are beautiful and you’re all perfect. I get why this is said, and I understand and love that a majority of tumblr is supporting strangers around the world and helping them love themselves. That is okay and I agree with that, but what I don’t agree with is telling OBESE people that they are perfect just the way they are. Obesity is a serious problem and it is not okay to sit back and act like everything is okay with being obese because it’s not. I’m not coming from an aesthetic viewpoint on this either, I’m coming from a medical viewpoint. It is not healthy to be obese and it’s not okay to act like everything is fine, because it’s not.

    This, exactly. Being obese is unhealthy, but that doesn’t mean you should go around calling obese people landwhales or assume they have poor moral standards due to their weight. People become obese for many reasons, and not all of those are necessarily their fault. Some of them are even mostly outside of their own control, and those people deserve sympathy, not hate. 

    Someone said it.

    Thank you. Obesity contributed to my mother’s death. If she would have taken better care of herself she might be here today. I’m totally about self love, but when it gets to the point that its causing you severe health problems, it’s time to act and fix the problem.

    Self-love should be about loving your healthy self. If it’s not healthy, love yourself enough to try to get it there. I know it’s not always in your control. I know society makes it difficult. But please, take care of yourself first.

    thisisthinprivilege take a look at this fatphobic shit disguised as ~loving concern~
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    In case you’re sad here are some buns.

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    50 BookBench sculptures have been installed throughout London, in conjunction with a study from the National Literacy Trust that shows the number of young people who enjoy reading is on the rise.

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  7. Loving this… Awesome Comicbook

  8. Spending the afternoon with my comic books

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    Today is my Aunt’s Birthday

    wearing my cherry dress i made last week. i’m so in love, it’s my new favorite dress.  so happy i found a bright color cherry print that i like instead of black or white fabric.

    could you be any cuter?! 



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