1. swiggity-swaggins-bilbo-baggins:

    Twenty one pilots inspired book of art

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  2. Pay day Book, Comic & Graphic Novel haul 😍

  3. teachingliteracy:


    New t-shirt!
    …This is basically my life.

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  4. Loving Twinnings Gingersnap & Peach infusion in Costa 😊

  5. September Book Photo Challenge
    Day 25 - Gives me the feels

    The Railway Man - Eric Lomax
    A very Compelling read

  7. aftranya:

    September Book Photo Challenge

    Day Twenty-Four: Bookmarker

    My rather extensive bookmark collection.


  8. stillnotinkansas:

    September Book Photo Challenge, Day 24: Bookmark

  9. September Book Photo Challenge
    Day 23 & 24 - To Be Read pile & Bookmarker

    I have Sooo many books on my Mounttoberead, so I selected a few of the ones I’m aiming to read soon. And I also have a small collection of Bookmarks :)

  10. wefuckinglovescience:

    The inside of a human heart, by The University of Washington via AsapSCIENCE.